Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Chipped Tooth!

Hola amigos!

Cómo le va? A lot has happened these last 2 weeks. Btw thanks everyone who wrote me letters before the mission and for letters you are sending me now. Means a lot!

We went to the market! All the elders piled in buses and drove through the city to get there. There were so many people! It made me want to be out in the field preaching the gospel. The market consisted of seemingly endless stores of hats, souvenirs, shirts, blankets, machetees and much more. Bought a small keychain of Guatemala's national bird, the Quetzal. My companion got a jersey of Guatemala's national soccer team. Going to the market pushed me to learn the language.

Aug 5, 2014: Elder Hohman y yo enfrente del mercado [in front of the market]

I chipped my tooth biting down hard on my fork. I guess it was bad enough that I had to go the dentist. I drove downtown again to have the dentist look at my tooth. Took just 5 mins to get it fixed. Felt bad cuz a lot of the other Natives with me had to get wisdom teeth pulled or major cleaning done.

New elders arrived! We got 6 new roommates, 4 natives and 2 from the States. Elder Pugmire from Minnesota arrived with the new elders too. It was awesome to see another Minnesotan here in Guatemala.

One night as we were preparing for bed, Elder Winward from our district tried to climb on top of my companions and I's bunk and broke off the guardrail. Oops! Another elder down the hall had a screwdriver and tried to fix it but ended up screwing in a screw in the wrong place and got it stuck. For the next 30 mins, the Natives in our room took turns trying to pull out the screw. After banging up the wood pretty bad, the Latinos got the screw out. The next day the janitor fixed it but it was a funny experience.

Another night, one of the Latinos in our room couldn't sleep and asked for a blessing. Together my companion and I and the other Latino companionship in our room gave him a blessing. He never had a problem sleeping the rest of his time in the CCM. The priesthood is real.

We watched a devotional given by Elder Bednard on Christmas that was SO powerful. He had the elders and sisters from many of the MTCs in the world send in questions that he would then answer on the stand. I would encourage everyone to look it up and watch it. One question that he answered that stuck out to me was "What is your favorite scripture and why?" He then went on to read 3 Nephi 11: 14-17 and pointed out "one by one". He said this phrase defines the Savior. Christ didn't teach to groups but rather to the individual. Perhaps he suffered the Atonement one by one for each of us. Elder Bednard said the phrase "one by one" is written 5 more times in the BOM. Try to find them!

Ahhhh theres so much more I wish I could say if I had time. I miss you all!

Elder Hicken

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