January 2016

Great view of Huehue, only that it was super cloudy. Seems like everytime we go to something amazing it`s always really really cloudy. Bad luck.

Zone Aciivity

Jose Folgar's Baptism
Joonathan's Baptism
March 2016

Everyone who's been Rojas`s companion, I was with Hohman,   
Hohman with Rojas and now Rojas with me

Brief hospital stay from minor skull fracture

Beautiful ¨carpets¨ made of chalk and dyed sawdust, creating a path for the procession during Holy Week. It's amazing!

April 2016

Guatemalan tradition for Elder Hall's birthday

rickety bridge 

Elder Rojas saves the day helping a member who was locked outside their house by climbing and getting stuck himself.

 Elder Romero and me -- Rainy Season has begun!

Breakfast with the Assistants

May 2016

Brother Ray Oborn and his sons touring in Guatemala coincidentally came to my ward!
Skyping with family on Mother's Day

Grandma Midgley is always an inspiration to me

Lesley's Baptism

Zone Conference in Huehue
June 2016

¨For of all sad words of tongue or pen,  the saddest are these:  ‘It might have been! 
I hope to never have to say those words. I just keep trying my best. 

 As a zone, we went to an awesome waterfall today! Super fun

July 2016

What we did for 4th of July:

This is it.  Going home this week.

  Picture of the group going home with me.
Last day in Guatemala.

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