Tuesday, July 12, 2016

(PS...Favorite Foods I'm looking forward to...)

Nathan,  are there any foods you are especially craving when you get home?


  • homemade cinnamon rolls, 
  • Brueggers bagels (blueberry and cinnamon), 
  • chocolate chip cookies, 
  • turkey casserole, 
  • lasagna, 
  • taco salad, 
  • enchiladas, 
  • Jamba juice, 
  • homemade ice cream, 
  • Marriott buffet, 
  • jacks pizza, 
  • root beer floats, 
  • popcorn, 
  • mashed potatoes, 
  • potato soup, 
  • Chipotle, 
  • Buffalo wild wings, etc. 
This is so overkill. I can't even list how many things I’m craving jaja but whateves is fine. Sure love you mom! Can't wait to see you!

Elder Hicken

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