A kind senior missionary couple, who has recently returned from serving in the Quetzaltenango mission, came over for dinner/FHE.  They shared some neat experiences with us, as well as just practical advice.  Below are a few things we’ve learned from them:

  1.  Another name for Quetzaltenango is XELA.  (much shorter!  Yeah!)
  2. Surprisingly, it can actually be quite chilly—especially up in the mountains, during the rainy season.  And the rainy season is May-September.
  3. Letters and packages should be sent to the Mission Office. Pouch can be used but there are many restrictions with it.

    Mission Office Address:
    Elder Nathan Hicken
    Guatemala Quetzaltenango Mission
    5A Calle 14-35, Zona 3
    09001 Quetzaltenango

  4. Packages should always be sent UPS, never commercial packaging (like Amazon, etc.)  Sturdy boxes with pictures of Mary help it to arrive-(you can google Mary, mother of God; and then use 2-3 images per package) It usually takes 2-3 weeks but can take up to 6 weeks.
  5. A few things Elder Nathan might like sent in a package:a.    Smart Wool socksb.    Flea trapsc.    tiesd.    Peanut Buttere.    Candy is discouraged.  I guess he’ll have access to lots of candy there, but limited access to good, sanitary food.  Better to send real food items such as: Soft granola bars, Cliff bars, Zone bars, Natural Peanut butter, Beef Jerky, Trail mix, etc.

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