JAN 2015
Baptism of Estefany Rosales Gómez, baptized by her father, Jesus

 Estefany with her dad, Jesus, prior to her baptism.

 Elder Loayza, Estefany, Jesus, and me

Jan 20, 2015: La Quiche Zona

FEB 2015
My new companion, Elder Andy and I
Does this tie into Nathan's letter's title: On the MOOve?  
Or is he trying to preach the gospel to every creature?
Or is he tapping into the Dairy Farmer side of Hicken?

MAR 2015

Elder Hicken and Lisangela
The Family Crew

 Una fiesta Guatemalteca
A Party - Guatemala Style

Sister Baby

Quetzaltenango Temple

April 2015
Sophie's Baptism

Me and Andres

Me and Jimena

 Quetzaltenango Temple

May 2015
Pictures--cleaning a member´s ¨pila¨. He eats the fish.
Elder Salazar and me

  Elder Caseres and me

 Family Week Skit

 Preaching the gospel to every creature

June 2015

Celebrating my companions 4 months out on the mission. 

 Fabiola, the crepe lady, who kept her covenants by selling crepes, instead of coffee, and being closed on Sundays.

 Nutella and Strawberry crepes.  YUM!

and me
and a squirrel

 A Noah's Ark making activity

On the Roof hangin' with the sun

Goodbyes to Familias Signor, Ixcot, and Rodriguez

Us missionaries with Ward Mission Leader

 Father's Day Ward Activity
 Cerijo and German Playing the guitar (Carlos Santana) at Father's Day Activity

Making Pupusas
 Ran into Elder Pugmire! GO MN!!!

July 2015
 Barbecue to celebrate the 4th of July
 Bishop, Luis, and Kevin
 Mmm...(?) Cow Foot Soup

 Training meeting with the Mission President

August 2015
Elder Flores and I, and the assistants, Elder Bryan and Elder Pérez.

Zone Activity to Laguna Chikabal.
Basically it's a lake on top of a volcano.
It was great just to be out of the city and for a moment to be in the mountains of Guatemala!

Trying on the new shades! 
In the bus to Laguna 
Zone Pic at Laguna

September 2015

 the ward mission leader
 elderes de garibaldi

Floridalma was baptized! She was very happy even though the pictures don´t show it. (I don´t understand why nobody smiles in pictures here).

Floridalma's Family

October 2015
Thanks for the birthday packages Mom!

 My comp and the other Elders bought me a small birthday cupcake!

Isaías got baptized! Best birthday present ever!

He was super excited, as was his family.  

Washing the Bishop's Car 

Me, Rene, Elder Flores

Our Mission Consejo
At an American Style restaurant celebrating Elder Chirinos transfer leaving Garibaldi. 
 Found the MN license plate!

Imanol Cristian's Baptism, with his family

Also shout out to Aunt Diana for sending a bday package! The shirt is awesome! I use it almost everyday! THANK YOU!

November 2015

 My comp and I with the elder who stayed with us a couple of days, Elder Herrera!

Lucero's baptism

Shout out to Elder Flores officially with time in the mish! Ordered some pizza and the next day a member gave us an entire cake! (not for the one year mark but it worked)

The Whole Zone got Flue Shots!
This cat reminded me of Sally.

 Our Thanksgiving dinner of pizza and Apple Pie
December 2015
Shout out to Elder Grant Doty - one of the greats! 

Watching the Christmas Devotional with a family we found a a long time ago, but had moved away.
 The Miranda Family
 Elder Ochoa visiting our mission
Happiness is born
 Thanks for the Stockings, Mom!  Elder Cevallos and me.

I got transferred to Huehuetenango!
 Even though we live in the city, we mostly work on the outskirts in this small town about 15 mins. away, called San Lorenzo.
 Me, Fernando, and Elder Cevallos
with Yamilet, girlfriend

Baptism of Yamilet.  Fernando had the honor to baptize her! It was great!

Feliz Navidad!
We were seeing Santa everywhere ...
...so for fun we decided to try and pull it off ourselves... 
you be the judge!

Christmas in Guatemala
Our Gingerbread Church

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