Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Estefany's Baptism

Hola amigos y familiares!
Estefany's baptism on Saturday turned out great! She and her dad arrived at the baptismal service 20 mins. early. When the actual baptismal ordinance took place it was an amazing experience. To see Jesus and Estefany enter the font together, as father and daughter, it was very special, especially since Jesus recently received the priesthood. The Spirit was so strong and I couldn't help but smile. The branch mission leader mentioned that Estefany was the first of the sisters in her family to be baptized (she has 3 others). I know anything is possible with the Lord!

 Estefany with her dad, Jesus, prior to her baptism.
 Elder Loayza, Estefany, Jesus, and me

The Rosales Gómez family is so awesome! Not only was Estefany baptized and confirmed this week, but her brother, Walter, gave a talk in Sacrament meeting as well as her other brother, Abraham. What's more, Abraham gave the lesson in Priesthood meeting. And the whole family is planning on going to the temple this Saturday! I know miracles really happen! Elder Loayza and I are trying to get Estefany's baptismal form turned into the mission office so she can attend as well.
We had divisions this week with the Chichi elders. I went to Chichi and Elder Loayza stayed here in Quiché. One of the reasons I went to Chichi was to interview a husband and wife who were to be baptized. Elder Rojas and I hiked a good 20 mins. and took a mini taxi to take us the rest of the way to their house. It was incredible to finally see the couple after hearing about them for so long. They were baptized/confirmed this weekend! What a blessing! Also, I learned a lot from Elder Rojas, specifically how to plan and organize better. And lastly, I got really sick while on division with the Chichi elders. Broke out in hives and was throwing up. But I'm all better now! Still working hard.
Sounds like it was a great Martin Luther King Jr. Day! So fun all the missionaries were able to come over for a District party. New rule as part of the Guatemala, Quetzaltenango mission: districts/zones can no longer meet together for activities, meaning we have to stay in our areas. At first, I was a little bummed but it’s o.k. I know President Smith is called of the Lord and receives divine inspiration to guide this mission.
I love the Lord. Elder Loayza and I will continue working hard. The work goes on!

The Quiché Zone!
Love, Elder Hicken

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