Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Hola amigos y familiares!
It´s gotten really cold! Everyday my comp and I have worn our sweaters. It´s especially cold in our study room. My comp and I ended up putting our electric stove in there to heat the place up. First to use the stove in the morning for breakfast then to our study room. Now it´s toasty warm. It sure looked warm in Mexico. Thanks for sending those pictures as well. Scuba-diving, horse-back riding, four-wheeling. Glad to hear Joseph and Jonathan were able to find a basketball court and shoot some hoops. There´s always a basketball court right?? Nice job Jonathan on winning your b-ball tourney, carrying the team. Keep practicing buddy!
So my new comp and I have had an awesome first week. His name is Elder Loayza. He´s from Bolivia and speaks REALLY fast. He uses a lot of words and phrases unique to Bolivia as well as South America. He loves to dance. He´s made that clear. Never really played sports. Kind of funny to see him play soccer today. He is really enthusiastic about the work and has a strong testimony. We´re both learning together as part of training. We started following the ¨First 12 Weeks¨ booklet. It´s the same booklet that Elder Golledge used to train me. Even though I´ve gone through it, I feel like I´m learning so much! Elder Loayza´s a fast learner as well which helps. We´ve already had a lot of success in accomplishing our goals and working together.
Last Tuesday, after changes, Elder Loayza and I had a 3 hour bus ride back to Santa Cruz del Quiché. Once we got back we went straight to work. We stopped by the church and had my new comp meet the branch presidency. We also met the ward mission leader on the way to visit the Rosales Gómez family. Since then we have continued working hard. We´ve spcifically been trying to find new investigators. We just sat down one day and came up with a bunch of ideas. For example, starting an English class. setting up a stand in the park passing out Book of Mormons and other church materials, contacting A LOT more, etc. Already we´ve seen the miracles and blessings from the Lord and have found a lot of new investigators.
We also stopped by a lot of already progressing investigators. Estefany will be baptized this Saturday, 17th of January. She is still deciding who will baptize her but we´re hoping she will choose her dad or one of her brothers who have recently been baptized and received the priesthood. She´s awesome! We weren´t able to meet with Jonathan cuz he was out of town this week but he came to soccer today and he said he would be here this week. We´re hoping to put a baptismal date. Lisangela will not be baptized this week but the other Saturday, 24th of January. Her parents want the service just to be family.
Anyways all in all a great week! Working hard and the Lord is pouring out his blessings. Have a fantastic week!
Elder Hicken

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