Monday, February 16, 2015

On the Move

Hola amigos y familiares!

I got the Family Calendar! I love it. Looks like there´s a lot going on this year. I also got the Valentine´s package. Thanks mom! I shared the Guiardelli´s chocolates with one of the Latino Zone Leaders and he about died. He loved it so much!  (I was with the Zone Leaders because I ended up staying a night in San Jaun with them, but I’ll get to that)   Happy Valentine´s day to you!

Unfortunately, my comp. decided to go home this week. After an interview with President on Monday, he packed his bags the next morning. We talked for a long time but basically he misses his family and he doesn´t agree with the way the church leaders are leading the church. It was sad to see him go. I had emergency changes and ended up staying the night with the Assistants. Then went to another area in Xela and stayed the day and night with the zone leaders. Me and my new companion met up there. His name is Elder Andy! He´s from Ecuador. 
I´m so excited to start working again. A lot of work to do having not been home for a consecutive 4 days.

With all the changes we did not have our English Class this week, but looking forward to doing that again this upcoming week.

Such a cool experience this week. So, the Chichi elders had been struggling to put a baptismal date on the calendar with one of their investigators. While on divisions, Elder Rojas and I were able to teach this investigator. We explained the way that Christ was baptized and the importance of baptism. We asked her a lot of inspired questions. Then this sister ended up sharing a neat experience with us. One night she was praying and reading the Book of Mormon, asking God if she needed to be baptized. As she went to bed, she heard a voice say ¨What are you waiting for?¨ She knew no one else was there and that it was a sign from God. We told her that was the Spirit. Then we asked her ¨What ARE you waiting for?¨ She will be baptized the 28th of March! So exciting!

I know the Lord is pouring out His blessings as we follow Him and His commandments. Have a great week!
Does this tie into Nathan's letter's title: On the MOOve?  
Or is he trying to preach the gospel to every creature?
Or is he tapping into the Dairy Farmer side of Hicken?

Love, Elder Hicken

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