Monday, February 2, 2015

What do YOU want to learn?

Hola amigos y familiares!                                           2-2-15

Sounds like all is well in Minnesota, as well as Florida. Thanks for sending the pictures. Time with grandma and grandpa...what better way to spend the week? Glad you guys had a great time! 

Again, we’ve been working with recent converts and less-active members. Elder Duncan at the last multi-zone conference shared this new idea- to show investigators, recent converts or less-active members the teaching record, and to have them circle what they want to learn. My companion and I started doing that this week and it´s worked so well! We have about 6 less-active families that we´re working with. For example, Marvin and Veronica have a little daughter and they have attended church on and off for a while since they were baptized a little more than a year ago. We showed them the teaching record and they circled the Spirit World. When we came back for a family home evening, we taught them about the Spirit World. Then we tied it in with the temple, emphasizing eternal families. Since then their desire to be sealed in the temple has increased. They´ve come to church, interviewed with President and have begun their journey to be sealed as a family in the temple. It’s so exciting.

My comp and I had the neatest experience. About two weeks ago we contacted a man in the street. He showed us his house around the corner and we set up a time when we could come back. When we arrived his whole family was waiting! We taught the Restoration and set up a time to return the next week. My comp and I passed by periodically throughout the week, doing service here and there. We ended up going on divisions with the zone leaders the day we had the next appointment with this family. When we arrived all the family was waiting again. We reviewed the Restoration bore testimony of Joseph Smith and the priesthood. When we asked if they would be baptized, they all said yes! I’m so happy for them.

We started an English class this last Saturday. Of course being the first lesson my comp. and I show up early to get set up. The class was supposed to begin at 2 o´clock, however, being Guatemala, we didn´t actually start till 2:45. It was a blast! Nobody could pronounce the ¨y¨ haha Cool story! My comp. and I were walking back from correlation meeting Saturday and again we met this man in the street. He showed a really big interest in English so we invited him to the English class that afternoon. He came! At the end he gave an awesome prayer to close the class. We talked afterwards and he´s interested in learning more about the church! We set up a time this week we´re going to go to his house. Our hope with this English class was to find a new investigator. Heavenly Father continues to answer our prayers and poor out miracles.

Continuing to work hard and trying to lead according to the Spirit. Have a great week!

Love, Elder Hicken

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