Monday, July 6, 2015

Seeing Miracles


It´s been quite a big change. There are now a lot of forms and papers to fill out and turn in. We call A LOT of people. But it´s a good change. My comp. is awesome! Also, a new elder, Elder Rivera, was sent to be with Elder Doty and I this past week. We´ve been working as a trio since Wednesday and it´s been so fun! We´ve been working hard and seeing miracles.

Isais and Floridalma have been our priority. We visited them three times last week. The third time we went over, a miracle had happened. Floridalma told us she wants to be baptized! She has been a little skeptical, but she has felt it´s the right thing to do. Her husband even told us that the day before, Floridalma just would´t stop saying, ¨I wanna be baptized!¨ ¨I wanna be baptized!¨ Such an answer to prayer. She´s ready to go. However, her husband is a little slower. He says he knows it´s all true, but he wants to take everything ¨poco a poco¨. And the thing is, they aren´t married either. But we´ve made HUGE progress and the Lord is on our side. We have faith in miracles. We know they can do it!

Quick thought! What are our goals? Our plans? Our vision? It is so important to have SPECIFIC goals and to have a plan to work towards them to accomplish the bigger picture.

Sorry gotta run! Have a great week! All the best!

Elder Hicken

 Barbecue to celebrate the 4th of July
 Bishop, Luis, and Kevin
 Mmm...(?) Cow Foot Soup

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