Monday, September 21, 2015

French Toast Cook Off

Awesome to hear Jonathan had a very merry birthday.

The Guatemala Independence day parades and festivities continued pretty much all week long. My comp. and I really didn´t see too much, even though we are in the city. Parades passed by twice in front of our apartment, and the rest were out of the area close to the demo and parque central.

Stake conference was amazing! It was a great way to end the week! It was inspiring to hear from a servant of the Lord, Elder Valladares, a member of the seventy. In the first session he talked about self-sufficiency. This concept isn´t just for people who are struggling financially, perhaps without employment, proper clothing or lacking basic needs. It applies to all of us. Being self-sufficient means eternal progress and constant improvement. In the second session, Elder Valladares talked about the vision for central-America. Basically the vision is for every family to pray and read scriptures daily, pay a full tithe and a generous fast offering, and find family names to take to the temple. He projected on the screen a list of about 10 indicadors, or things to help every family fulfill this vision. It made me happy to hear him finish by talking about the importance of members working with the missionaries. Pte. Smith has reinforced this point many times to us as missionaries. In the last Sunday session, Elder Valladares finished by expanding upon the plan of salvationa and our purpose on earth. Christ is the central part to the entire plan. May we never forget that.

Turns out René will be staying! My comp. and I were so happy when we heard the good news. He and his family attended for the second time at church this past Sunday and they are excited to get baptized! Also, René really likes to cook. This week we have planned to have a cook-off. Not knowing too many recipes, I have planned to make French toast. Should be fun!

My companion and I have been teaching this guy named Fernando. At first, he told us he wasn´t too interested. However, my comp. and I felt the Spirit and we challenged him to be baptized in the first lesson. He said he would have to think about it. He confessed he was learning about the Jehovah´s Witnesses church but he hadn’t been baptized yet.  And he was actually looking for the truth. As we´ve visited him now for the past two weeks, he has been drawn to our teachings of Jesus Christ as Jehovah, and not as God the Father. After reading to him many scriptures, he decided to come to church and see for himself. He really liked the service and is excited to have us keep teaching him. He´s praying and reading the Book of Mormon.

I know this church has been restored and that it is the true church of Christ. It has been so interesting reading about the history of the church in the fullness of times. The early Saints went through hardships almost impossible to believe. Satan worked so hard to stop God´s work. However, through it all, the work moved forward and still does today. What a blessing to be a part of it!

 Washing the bishop's car

Have a great week! Adiós

Elder Hicken

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