Monday, September 14, 2015

Floridalma's Baptism

Hi everyone,
I can’t believe Carter´s playing the string bass. That´s so awesome! Fun to see the video of the zip line. Madura family rocks.

Things around here have been pretty crazy(crazy meaning fireworks, parades, flags), due to the upcoming holidays. Even in sacrament meeting, everyone sang the Guatemalan national anthem for our opening song. I had never sung it before but I did my best to follow along. The lyrics are really nice. All this has made me feel like everyone is celebrating the 4th of July, except Guatemalan style. The actual independence day in Guatemala is the 15th of September, so the best has yet to come.

Last Wednesday, my comp. and I went to an awesome leader’s meeting with Pte. Smith. It was great to see how we can improve as a mission and what the Lord expects and wants us to do. More than anything, Pte. Smith talked about working in the manner of God. He asked some great questions. How do we know what God wants us to do? It’s through his prophet. Do we believe this, that Thomas S. Monson is truly a prophet? By believing he is a prophet, we must show our faith through our actions and follow his guidance. Are we doing that, stretching ourselves to do what the Lord has asked? Or perhaps are we doing what we feel most comfortable doing?  WORKING WITH MEMBERS was emphasized! Pte. Smith read many parts from a talk given by Elder Ballard about the importance of the missionaries working with the members. He also read from the Bible the story of Naaman when he is healed from leprosy. Then, he asked, “Are we swimming in the river of Damascus? Or following the prophet by swimming the river Jordan? All in all it was a great council!

Exciting news. Floridalma was baptized! She was very happy even though the pictures don´t show it. (I don´t understand why nobody smiles in pictures here).

Floridalma's Family

There was a great spirit during the baptismal service. There were two nice, short messages, and then as missionaries we sung a special number. We had practiced with the piano but then realized there was no piano in the baptismal room. We just sang a capella. It turned out great, or so everyone said. The most special part of course was the ordinance itself. Floridalma gave a great testimony afterwards and exhorted her husband to follow her footsteps and be baptized as well. It was so awesome. I´m really grateful for the opportunity God has given me to be a part of the family Monteroso´s lives.

Sad news. Rene is moving jaja only after a few short weeks of teaching him and having him come to church, he will be moving to another pueblecito close by. His family´s awesome! Sure gonna miss them a lot.

It´s so great being a missionary! I know this is the Lord´s work. I know the gospel is true.

Tengan una semana fabulosa! Paz y amor [Have a fabulous week!  Peace and love]
 Elder Hicken

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