Monday, October 12, 2015

Importance of the Family

The youth, 3 week mini-mission activity sounds like it was a fun and edifying experience for everyone. Thanks for ALL the birthday wishes! It made my day.

Well why don´t we start there. The birthday. It all happened way back when a child was born...his name was Nathan Hicken. “Ok I won´t go THAT far back.” jaja  My comp. and other elders in the area bought a small cupcake. That was fun. Thanks again mom for the package. It was fun to open the gifts and share the candy. It was a great birthday. We worked hard, got a lot done, and ate A LOT of cake.

Isaías got baptized! Best birthday present ever! He was super excited, as was his family. We had a lot of support from the members as well at the bapismal sevice. That’s so good when members support investigators. I know this is only the beginning for him and his family. It makes me happy to know that the whole family is on the same path, with the goal to be an eternal family. We plan to help the ward keep working with them.

He was super excited, as was his family.  

René is awesome! He is really excited for his baptism this Saturday. The members have really taken him and his family under their wing as well. He has become a lot more involved in the activities of the ward. He came to play basketball this morning with us. He´s really good.

In counsel meeting this week, Pte. Smith talked about the importance of the FAMILY. Between the sessions of conference a world report talked about the growth of the church in Mozambique, Africa. They have created 2 new STAKES there in the last 3 months. How? Well, 600 families were converted to the gospel. I know the family is the key to reaching the highest degree of glory. Pte. Smith also talked about the importance of good, well thought out planning, especially when setting goals. It was great! Got me pumped to pray and look for families to teach.
Our Mission Consejo

This is the Lord´s work! He loves His children and He wants us to get back to live with Him as complete families.

All the best!

Elder HIcken

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