Monday, October 26, 2015

Callings and Baptisms

Way to go Jonathan- the oncoming official organist! What a champ! Happy to hear the ward was able to get into the spirit of missionary work by giving away a pass along cards. Way to go mom!

The zone had interviews with Pte. Smith this week. My companion and I didn´t have to stay in the chapel ALL day! Wooh! We were able to go out and work and then come back. We showed up in the morning got everything set up and then left when Pte. got there. We went back in the afternoon for our interviews. I learned so much! Pte. Smith allowed me the better part of the interview for any questions I had. I was really grateful cuz I did have some thoughts on my mind, all of which was made clear.

Guess what? RenĂ© already has a calling! After church last Sunday, we overheard that he was to be interviewed by the bishop. We just assumed it was to receive his temple recommend. When my comp. and I heard he was called to be as the 2nd counselor in the new young men´s presidency, we were super surprised but really happy!

Another recent convert, Freddy, whom we´ve worked with a lot, was called as first counselor in the young men´s presidency. It’s neat to see these recent converts helping in the ward so much.

Imanol was baptized!

 Imanol Cristian's Bapitsm

His family was super supportive. I felt like we didn´t do anything to prepare for the baptismal service. It was pretty much,
Q:¨Brother Cristian, how can we help out?¨
R:¨Don´t worry about it elders! We already have the baptismal clothes, the refreshment, all the invites to our family, the video to be shown, and my mom to share a short message.¨
They´re so awesome! The best part is that Elder Thorne got to baptize him! He´s the elder here in Garibaldi sharing the area. He was kinda nervous being his first baptism and all, but he did a great job. The Paniagua family were so happy! They told us they were so grateful for everything we had done. They said they were preparing to enter the temple and be sealed as a family. Exciting!

My companion and I have been trying to focus our efforts more on the family. As we see a family walking in the street, we make a conscious effort to contact them and share the gospel. We´ve also continued to work with the family plans. A couple times we´ve offered to show how to do a family home evening. As we teach, we´re trying to ask more inspired questions and use the scriptures in every aspect. More than anything, we´ve been praying and asking God to help us find families, and to teach them with the goal of baptizing 2 families before the end of the year.

All the best this week!

Elder Hicken
Changes are tomorrow! Elder Chirinos here in Garibaldi is the only one going. We celebrated by going to a restaurant with an American style. 
 Found the MN license plate! 
Thanks again, Midgleys, for the Signed D-Day shirt!

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