Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!


Glad to hear dad had a very happy birthday! Jonathan’s bball tournament sounds awesome. Can´t wait to play some bball and tennis with him. That’s great that you served food to the homeless with the Fairbournes. Jaime, the mission´s taxi driver, is really good friends with them. Maybe you´ve heard them talk about him? It seems like everytime I talk to Jaime he tells me all these great things about the Fairbournes and all the good they are doing back home. Shout out to Brother Arbuckle for his willingness to dress up in your class mom. Almost confused him for the real Moses. Jaja  It’s neat that we have temples just like Moses and the portable tabernacle.

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all! As you would expect, it’s not a real common thing here but there are some who celebrate it. We´re hoping to make it a big deal because we feel so grateful!

I love the mission! The Lord has blessed us so much. The Miranda family is really special! They are super receptive to our message and such a great family. We had the opportunity to go with them again this last week. They are excited about their baptismal date and are reading and praying about the book of Mormon every day. It’s neat to see their lives changing. Funny detail-since the first day we visited them, they offered us orange soda. Every time since, they´ve served us orange soda and bread. I guess it´s a tradicion. jaja

Elder Flores and I are also working with another awesome family, the family Sapón. The wife was able to come to church yesterday. The husband is really interested in theology and is confident in telling us how he feels. They are also reading and praying about the book of Mormon every day. And the ward members have been great in helping us out with this family. In every visit, there´s been a member present. Really helps a lot when the members get involved with our investigators and testify of the things that they know are true.

And then, there’s the Sanchez family. They’ve also been great! They were a reference from a member family. Shout out to members who give the missionaries referrals. It’s so helpful! Anyway, when we first met the Sanchez family we could only speak to the mom and the son. But as we gained more confidence, the mom allowed us to meet her husband. Now we visit the whole family regularly. It’s awesome! The dad and son have been coming to church! Unfortunately the mom can´t come right now because of work but I know the Lord knows she is trying. They are also trying to read and pray every day but it´s been hard for them because of the long work hours. What a blessing to have time to read the scriptures and pray.

Today, the whole zone got flu shots! When we showed up, I thought it was only going to be our zone. Little did I know half the mission was there. It was awesome to see elder Hohman and other guys from my group that I hadn´t seen in a while. After getting the flu shot, as a zone we played volleyball! It was super fun. Then we went to lunch at Portal.

In my Book of Mormon study, I´m currently reading in Jacob chapter 5. I love the Book of Mormon! The resounding message seems to be the love our Heavenly Father has for all of his children. Many are called but few are chosen. As we are called to work in the Lord´s vineyard, may we work with all our heart, might, mind and strength.

Have a great week! Be´naj

Elder Hicken
Pics--I saw a cat that looked like Sally so I picked it up. I don´t think it´s ever been held in it´s life cuz it sure wanted to get away. The picture is kinda of deceiving...

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