Monday, December 7, 2015

Have faith in Christ - Share the gospel

Thanksgiving sounds like it was great! The turkey cheeseball was an awesome idea. Way to go Jonathan for being a star at the Saturday tourney.

The mission was very fortunate to have Elder Ochoa, a member of the second quorum of the seventy, come to speak with us. 

It was an amazing experience, almost impossible to describe! The general theme was faith. We need to have faith in Jesus Christ, that this is His work and that He will lead us to the prepared families. We need to lose the fear to talk to everyone.

One of the many miracles, that happened in that very meeting, was when Elder Ochoa got up out of his seat and left. He came back 30 mins. later and told us what had happened. He had gone outside, taken one of the maintenance workers (a returned missionary) with him and they went to find someone prepared. He had sensed by the Spirit that someone nearby was in need. So Elder Ochoa and his companion knocked on the first door but the people said they didn’t want anything. The person said to knock on the door across the street. Elder Ochoa and the maintenance worker knocked the door and an old lady answered. She said she was very ill, that she wasn´t to be out of bed but had felt the need to answer the door. She let Elder Ochoa and his companion in. They gave her a blessing and she was healed! She said that that very morning she had prayed for God to send her help. She accepted an invitation to listen to the missionaries, even though many times before she had told them no. What a miracle!

I hope we can all be close to the Spirit and share the gospel.  If you haven’t already done so, go check out! Share the video and website with others. Share your testimony with others. Christ will help us.
[Happiness is born]

Anyways, we´ve been visiting a family that we found a really long time ago,  (they had recently moved to Xela from the coast) They were already members of the church., but we were trying to help them come to church here in Xela. They weren´t able to go to church, but they did go to the Christmas devotional with us. 
It was awesome! Btw the devotional was great! I especially liked Elder Bednar´s talk about the first Christmas in America. Christ IS the light of the world.

We´ve also been teaching the Miranda family. It is a dad and mom with their two little kids. They continue to read the Book of Mormon and they came to church this past Sunday! They are excited every time we come because they know our message is important. A funny side note--Church here is at 8am. It was funny to see the poor, little kids, so early for them, sleeping during the whole sacrament meeting.

A few other random things:
1.      Shout out to Elder Grant Doty for being one of the greats! He goes home this Thursday. Sure going to miss that guy. He gave the Lord his all, and I know the Lord will bless Him.

2.      Thanksgiving week was a pretty normal week. But my comp. and I were really happy because we reached almost all the goals we set for ourselves. There was no turkey, mashed potatoes or stuffing. But there was lots of gratitude! -plus pizza and apple pie! jaja

3.      Changes are tomorrow and I´m going! After nine months here in the city life, it’s time to go. I feel so blessed to have been here, -for all the people that impacted my life, to see so many people change, and to have come closer to Christ. Gonna miss it. And Elder Flores. He´s made a huge impact in my life and I´ll be forever grateful. Who knows where the Lord will send me next!

Feliz Navidad. Hope y´all have a great week!

Elder Hicken

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