Monday, January 18, 2016


I'm really sorry to hear about Grandma. I’m not sure I understand what Hospice is but I will pray for her.
Jonathan is doing a great job with basketball! Honestly, the huge organ looks kind of out of place to me in the music room. Maybe just because I`m used to seeing the keyboard in there. Cool there`s now an organ in the house though!

Changes are tomorrow. After passing 6 weeks of laughter, trials, fun, Christmas, new years and lots of food with Elder Cevallos, he`ll be gone tomorrow. Gonna miss that guy! But it only means that I`ll have a new comp. and who knows how long I’ll be here in Huehue. A lot of the missionaries in the zone are going home tomorrow as well. In fact, all the sister missionaries from my group are going home. Kinda freaked me out how fast time has gone by. We`ll be renting a bus and heading out around 5:30am to head to Xela and split.

Yesterday, my companion and I were walking and saw a family having a bonfire. They allowed us to stop by and warm up a bit. We began to talk and we introduced ourselves. Huddled around the fire was a family of 5, the parents and 3 little kids. They accepted to hear our message. We shared a little of the Restoration and in the end, both parents accepted a baptismal date for the month of February. The Lord is preparing His children to listen to us.

Hope y`all have a great week! Chao!

Elder Hicken

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