Monday, September 15, 2014

Independence Day in Guatemala

Hola hola hola!

Earlier this week I said ''Que chevre!'' thinking it meant ''How cool!''. Turns out in this part of Latin America, chevre means ''hot dog''. Guess I said "How hot dog!'' Definitely knew I said something wrong by the look on their face. They were nice about it though. One day I'll get this language!

        It was an awesome week. So much happened! Today is Independence day here in Guatemala! Its been pretty crazy.

        People run in groups through the streets waving flags, blowing whistles, ringing bells, carrying torches and throwing water. Almost got nailed! Throughout the week, banners and flags have been put up around la parque central and la governencia. Today there was a huge parade with soldiers, marching bands and muchas personas waving flags. It seems every 1 minute there's a firecracker or some kind of firework going off. What a fiesta!
  Enfrente la gobernante [in front of the government building]

 Día de Independencia [Independence Day]

Elder Golledge, Hohman, Galbraith, Jerez, Pinchi and I got to visit the ruins here in Quiche. Que pilas! It was amazing to see the remains of the people that used to live here in the Americas, the ''history'' of the people we get to share with the people here in Guatemala. I know the Book of Mormon is true.

Sept 15, 2014:  A Trip to the Ruins of  Q'um'arkaj

Sept 15, 2014: Una planta grande!
[Nathan standing by a giant plant]

 Las ruinas

 Elder Hohman y yo a las ruinas

 Elder Hohman, Elder Gailbraith y yo sobre una colina [on a hill]

Todos los elderes enfrente de una caverna
[All the elders in front of a cave]

 Una fantasma
[I'm a ghost]

Remember Jesus and Abraham?? They're two investigators progressing super fast. Last P-day, we had a lesson with them where we talked about keeping the Sabbath Day holy, the importance of the sacrament and baptism/confirmation. We asked if they would be baptized and they said they would! Their baptism is this Saturday, September 20th and their confirmation the day after. Elder Golledge and I plan to visit them everyday this week to answer any questions, serve them, put away any doubts they have and be a friend. I know this gospel will bless their lives so much!

Remember Carlos as well?? We met him last week as he was bringing in groceries to his house. We offered to help and told him about the message we carried of the Restoration of the gospel. He didn't have time then but said he wanted us to come back later that week. Anyways, this week we stopped by his house and he wasn't home but his wife was. Her name is Carmen. She invited us in and told us she wanted to hear what her husband was so anxious to here from us. We only gave a short intro to the Plan of Salvation then a pamphlet, but we stopped by later and both Carlos and Carmen were there. They invited us in and we taught them the entire Plan of Salvation. They really liked what we had to say and together we set up an appointment for next week. I know it's the Spirit that testifies to those we teach that the message we carry is true (2 Nephi 33:1). Truly a miracle!

Anyways gotta go! Miss you all! This is the Lords work!

Nos vemos!

Elder Hicken

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