Monday, September 22, 2014

Jesus and Abraham's Baptism!

Mi español está mejorando cada día! [My spanish is getting better every day!] ''japín'' is slang for Guatemalan, kind of like "gringo'' is for american.

For pday today, we played fútbol with all the other elders. Couldn’t believe I hit Elder Golledge in the face! I felt so bad. Elder Pinchi, one of the Latino Elders, couldn't stop laughing. Pdays are always great cuz we get to the see the other elders in our area.
Fútbol  [Soccer]
Both Jesus and Abraham were baptized last Saturday, 20th of September, 2014!
Jesus and Abraham, Elder Hicken and Elder Golledge
We prepared all day to get the church clean, buy food and ensure people would come. There ended up being a lot of people that came to the baptismal service. 30 minutes after the baptismal service was supposed to start, Jesus and Abraham still weren't at the church. That's Guatemala for you! We had to run to their house and get them. The baptismal pants were HUGE on them. They just laughed it off and rolled up the pant legs. At the end of the service, both Jesus and Abraham bore their testimonies that they know this gospel is true and how they feel really blessed that they found the true church. It was so powerful! There are people prepared and looking for the gospel. Its our job to listen to the Spirit and find them.
Sorry that’s all the time I have today! Sent a ton of pictures which took up a lot of the time. Love you all! Thanks for the letters, cards and care package. The gospel is true!
Elder Hicken

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