Monday, September 29, 2014

Hola Hola Hola!

           Another great week! To get to the multi-zone conference this week in Wayway (about 2 hours away), we went to the terminal to catch a bus. 

The Terminal

          As we were waiting for the bus, drivers heading to different cities would come up to us and try to convince us to go with them to wherever they were going. I’m like, "Your right! Even though I'm supposed to go to Wayway, I think I'll just go to Xela instead." I thought that was funny.

        The multi-zone conference was awesome. Because it was in Wayway, all the missionaries in our district came to our area and stayed the night. Half stayed in the zone leaders apartment and the other half with Elder Golledge and I. Super fun! We woke up early to catch a bus to Wayway. We got to see a lot of missionaries from my district in the CCM. The conference started at 9:30 and lasted until 3 in the afternoon. During that time President Smith set a standard of excellence for the entire mission- 1 new investigator everyday, 10 progressing always, 6 attending church every week, 4 baptismal dates always which should lead to at least 2 baptisms a month. He also spoke of a few changes. It was announced that lesson 5 of PME would be taught both BEFORE and after baptism. Also, we need to help people know and fulfill the baptismal requirements described in DyC 20:37. The basic message was "Baptisms are great but means nothing if they don't stay in the church.'' The goal should not be baptism, but the temple. We’re going to do that better. The assistants focused on ''How to find investigators?" TALK TO EVERYONE! Often times we miss crucial opportunities to talk to people in our everyday activities. We don't need to be afraid to share the gospel of Jesus Christ!  It’s true.
Our Zone:  
 Nathan in the back right

Nathan in the front, 4th from the left

            Elder Golledge and I recently came across Juana, Mateo and their 3 kids. They're Catholic but love having us come over. They're always smiling! We see them practically everyday. We've shared the message of the Restoration and have given them a Book of Mormon. When we came back, they had read the chapter we gave them and gave a perfect summary. We are going back this Wednesday for an official visit. I’m excited. We also planned a time when Elder Golledge and I will cook an American dish for them. My cooking isn't the best. Neither is Elder Golledge's. Can't wait!

Juana (un investigador) y yo

            We  met with Jesus and Abraham this last week to prepare them to receive the Aaronic Priesthood. They were so ready! They understood what the priesthood is, why it's important and necessary and they were excited to learn more. During priesthood at church, they received the Aaronic Priesthood. We plan to continue meeting with them and teach them about the temple. They are so awesome!

Hope all is well! Muchas gracias for the e-mails and letters. Means a lot! Nos vemos!

Elder Hicken

 Volunteer Firefighters of Quiche!

Somos Bomeros!
We're Firefighters!

 Un insecto grande

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