Monday, October 6, 2014

Nathan gets his VISA

Hola otra vez!
This week has been full of great experiences.
General Conference was amazing! Elder Gollege and I hooked up the TV in a separate room so we could watch it in English. There were so many talks that stood out to me. One in particular was President Deiter F. Ucthdorf’s Priesthood Session talk, with the theme being, "Lord, is it I?" How can we worry about the mole in another's eye without first seeing the beam in our own. Between then and now I have found myself asking more and more the question, "Lord, is it I?" This has truly helped me as I've quickly judged or gotten frustrated. It's humbling. Let us first recognize our own weaknesses before another's.
Earlier this week, Elder Gollege and I were trying to contact a referral (Cesar) we received from our president. We met his mom and left her with a pamphlet. We decided to knock doors around his house before our next appointment. One door we knocked, a man answered and invited us in. We met his wife's sister who was a member! She had been baptized 23 years ago but had not attended church for the past 4 years because of problems with some member families. Although she hadn't been to church in a long time, she had a strong belief of the gospel and of the Book of Mormon. We taught Bryan (the man who opened the door) a lesson and he invited us back. Since then, we've taught him once more and we are going back for dinner tomorrow. As we interact with their family more and more, we will continue to teach Bryan and invite the family to church. Truly a miracle we found them!
Tuesday night, we received a call from the zone leaders that we needed to be in Xela the next day for me to get my VISA. The next morning, we stopped by our investigators houses to move appointments and encourage them on the commitments we'd left. Then it was off to Xela! We passed through Chichi where Elder Galbraith and Elder Hohman hopped on. When we reached Xela, we met up with a lot of elders from my district in the CCM. It was an awesome reunion seeing all of them and hearing the crazy stories they had to share. 
 CCM District Reunion

Elder Gollege stayed in Xela to go to the temple while I headed with Elder Hohman and the other elders from the CCM to the capital. We stayed in a hotel for the night. One missionary, who was ending his mission, stayed in the same room as us. He had served in the Coban mission in Guatemala. He knew Ketchi and Spanish. He'd lived his whole mission in the mountains with no electricity or running water. It was amazing to hear of his experiences. Long story short, we got up the next morning and got our visas. It was actually really fast. All we had to do was make sure our information was correct and then sign the paper. All of us took a bus back to Xela. Half way, Elder Hohman and I hopped off and took a microbus to Chichi. He showed me around his area until Elder Gollege and Elder Galbraith got back from their time in Xela. 
Cathedral in Chichi
 I just can't stop looking at his cheeks
From the Plaza
While in Xela and the capital, I truly missed my area. I missed the people, the buildings, the familiar chapel and members. I wanted to get back to Santa Cruz to teach. I hope we can all find the desire to share the gospel and the things we know to be true.
Quick update on Jesus and Abraham. Both attended every session of General Conference. It was great to see Jesus walk out in a suit coat. Neither have ties though. Elder Gollege and I will be sure to get them some. They are preparing to enter the temple as well. Their faith to follow this gospel is inspiring. Everything is so new but they are willing and hungry to learn. I know this church is true. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. Joseph Smith was a prophet and we have a living prophet and apostles in these Latter Days.
Thanks Mom!

Thanks for all the Birthday wishes, cards and letters. Miss you all! Stay strong, remember who you are and who you represent. Nos vemos!
Elder Hicken

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