Monday, October 20, 2014

Elder Nathan in Quiche

Hola del Quiché! (Hello from Quiche)

Elder Gollege and I met Silvia and Lisbeth the first week we arrived in Quiché. They are great. We have had one or two lessons every week for the past 6 weeks. Last week we went over to paint. Didn't have time to run back to our apartment so we just painted in our shirt, tie and slacks. Teníamos cuidarnos [We were very careful]!
 Tengo Miedo!
[I'm Scared!]

 We met with them Friday too. We had left a challenge to read Alma 32 in the Book of Mormon in our previous visit. Lisbeth had read and Silvia a little bit. So we read a few verses together which related faith to a seed, when the seed is good to nurture it. We asked her how she had felt when we had come over. She said she had definitely felt something, that every time we had come over she felt better. It was just this last Sunday that Silvia and Lisbeth came to church. They continue to read the Book of Mormon and meet with us.
Me and Elder Golledge with Lisbeth and Silvia

We have been getting to know Amilkar little by little over the past few weeks. El es bien calidad! [He is awesome!]  He is a firefighter. He is ALWAYS smiling. We've mostly visited him at work. It was a miracle we found his house. Elder Gollege and I were walking down la calle principal and saw a women washing the outside of her house so we stopped to help. After scrubbing, brushing, and talking, who would show up but Amilkar! Turns out he lives there with 3 sisters and other various family members. This last week, he drove us to this fresh water pool out in the countryside. We had told him before that it was prohibited for missionaries to swim. I guess he just wanted us to see it. It was awesome! We'll continue meeting with him and inviting him to church activities.

Elder Golledge, Amilkar, and I seeing the freshwater pool

Lucy, whom we had set a fecha meta for, was unable to attend church. She is really involved in the Catholic church and feels bad missing her church which starts at the same time. She's incredible though! Every time we have asked her to read or do something she has done it. She is reading the Book of Mormon and has read all the folletos [brochures] we have left her. She said she will continue to pray about attending church and if the Book of Mormon is true. I know that anyone can know the Book of Mormon is true for themselves. First, read it. Second, meditate over it's teachings. Third, ask God, with a sincere heart, with real intention, having faith in Christ. And for those who do this, I know the Holy Ghost will manifest the truth of it unto you (Moroni 10:3-5). I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. Like the Bible, it is a Testament of Jesus Christ, His life, teachings and Atonement. Read it and know for yourself!

Jesus and Abraham have been preparing to go to the temple. We had a bit of a problem when they went in for their temple interviews. They weren't able to receive their recommends because their membership records aren't in the system yet. Yikes! It's a little frustrating because they want to do family history work but can't use without their records. I really hope the records will be here before this Saturday so Jesus and Abraham can join the branch in entering the temple. I testify missionary work reaches much farther then just this life but also in the life to come.

The common material used here for clothing is called ''corte''. It is used as skirts, blouses, belts, blankets, etc. And missionaries can use it to make ties. Missionaries buy the corte in Quiché then send it with the Elders that live in Chichi to have it made into ties. Usually you buy it in yards squared o barras. A barra can make around 2-3 ties. Two weeks ago, we bought some corte and the Elders from Chichi brought the finished product to us today. Kinda fun. Take a look! Pictures below!
Ties made of "Corte"

 Corte Skirt

Thanks again and again for all the birthday wishes! Still getting some but that's just how the mail is here. Sounds like all is well back home. Congratulations Cheri! Number six! Hasta la próxima semana!
Un poco de futbol [A little soccer]

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