Monday, October 13, 2014

Birthday Week

Hola hola hola!

Changes are tomorrow but I'm staying in Santa Cruz del Quiché with Elder Gollege as my companion. Elder Hohman is staying in his area as well. I'm so grateful I get a little more time with the great members and humble people that are here.
We've been teaching Lucy for the past 3 weeks. She has read everytime we've come back and understands what we teach. Heremana Luz Adriana, a recently returned missionary from Peru, has been helping us out and coming to every lesson. In our last lesson, we taught her about the gospel of Jesus Christ, specifically baptism. We set a baptismal date for the 8th of november. Can't wait to continue helping her progress towards her baptismal date. Also to continue to hear her spiritual experiences as she reads the Book of Mormon.
Jesus and Abraham bore their testimonies yesterday in church. They are so ready for the temple. We have been teaching them about the temple and the blessings it brings to our families. To compliment what we have been teaching them, at chuch, Hma. Luz taught the gospel doctrine class about family history work. We are having family home evening with them tonight and will continue to talk about the temple. Their temple interviews are this Thursday. Their conversion to this gospel is inspiring. By at first just believing the restored gospel is true and then allowing that belief to be nurtured through prayer and reading the Book of Mormon. They are now preparing to enter the Lord's house.
My birthday was awesome! Elder Gollege and I opened the package you sent on Monday and hung up the giant HAPPY BIRTHDAY mural. We blew up all the balloons too and used the birthday plates. 

 On the day of my birthday, in the morning, we opened the presents and sang happy birthday. Then it was back to work. It wasn't till that night that Elder Gollege, Pinchi, Jerez and I went to celebrate at Pollo Campero. They got me a small piece of cake. They told me I had to take the first bite. I rememberd a warning from Aunt Kerri that she'd sent me saying it was a tradition that Guatemalans will push your face into the cake. I knew it was going to happen but I did it anyways. A la gran! Frosting everywhere!

 That would happen one more time the next day at zone meeting. Elder Jerez baked me a cake and had me do the same thing. Super good though!

 An hermana we would visit later that day also baked me a cake. A lot of cake! Overall, fantastic birthday!

Birthday Cake in the Face

 Rubbing it in!

Thanks for all the birthday cards, e-mails, letters and packages. This is the Lord's work. I know it’s true.
Elder Hicken

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