Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Elder Hicken and Elder Gollege

Hola mis amigos!
Cómo les va? Este semana pasaba bien rápido. Siento como yo estaba escribiendo esta carta semenal ayer. Sin embargo fue chilera!
[How's it going?  This week went by so fast.  I feel like I just wrote this email yesterday.  But it's all good!]
Sorry about no letter last week. I sent one but I guess i must've forgotten to press send. Puchika!  THANK YOU SO MUCH for sending homemade goodies!!! All the packages got here. Elder Gollege and I went crazy for everything!!  So good!  And thanks for the peanut butter. Yum! Tell the Pattersons thank you so much! And yes, I feel tall everywhere I go -- haha.
In my personal study this week, I've focused on studying the Plan of Salvation. We've used that a lot lately. For example, we had a lesson with Mercedes where she asked the question if there's hope for her father who died without being baptized. It was exciting to see her reaction as we taught about the Plan of Salvation, specifically about life after death and baptisms for the dead through temples and the priesthood. I've also specifically praying for the Spirit to guide me to find new investigators who will progress. It's been amazing to see the people the Lord has put in our path who are willing to listen. Pray for what you need then do all you can to make it happen and the Lord will make up the rest.
Jesus-Antonio is a less active member we bumped into about 2 weeks ago. Since then, he has attended church both times and come teaching with us many times. What's more is that he knows where everything is! Less-actives, members, friends, references, etc. It's great! His desire to serve a mission has grown as well as he's come teaching with us. He told us a ton of reasons he wants to serve, one of which was so that his kids have an example to follow. He also told us he might have to get baptized again because the church can't find his papers. Whatever happens I'm so happy he is making this change in his life.
We passed by Lisbeth and Silvia's house many times this week. Remember how we missionaries can buy corte and then make it into ties? Well when we last passed by, Elder Gollege and I were wearing our ties.  She REALLY liked them. To help her financially we came up with a business plan, that she could learn to make these corte ties here and then send them to the States for us to sell after we got home from our missions. Genius! Sunday night we invited them to the chapel for dinner with the ward mission leader. We were there for 2 hours eating and talking about a commitment to baptism. The only doubt they had was that they'd already been baptized in another church. We explained about the need for authority. We set a date for the 6th of December. So excited!
For pday we played soccer today, Elder Gollege and I and 6 other elders from our area. We invited a few of our investigators as well. Walter ended up coming. He had an awesome time! After we bought him lunch at a Chinese restaurant we planned for the next time we'd come over. Just 3 days before, we had visited with Walter, his mom and his two family members (Jesus and Abraham) who were baptized less than 2 months ago. We taught about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and at the end asked both to be baptized. They said they would and we set a date for the 29th of November. Anyways, earlier today when we were talking with Walter he asked if he could be baptized earlier. I smiled so big! Yeah of course! He was thinking more the 20th or 22nd. We'll talk more about in our next visit. Can't wait!
Well that's all for this week. Changes are on the 25th so we'll see what ends up happening. Also a couple in the ward is getting married in 2 weeks. Not sure if I'll be here to see it pero vamos a ver [but we'll see...]! So grateful for such great ward members and people willing to come teaching with us. 
Odd experience: Elder Gollege and I carried a metal pole half way across town to have it cut and welded for an investigator. We got some great looks from the locals!
Also forgot my sweater twice so I was really cold. It gets chilly at night.
Thank you again for the packages and letters! Tan exquisito! [So exciting] For all those who made that happen ustedes son los mejores [you're the best]! Gracias! Hasta el próximo semana [until next week]!
Elder Hicken
My Dad (my trainer) and GrandDad (his trainer)


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