Monday, November 24, 2014

Contacts, Investigators, & Baptisms

Hola hola hola! 
Congratulations to Ruth and Tommy on their wedding.  And Happy Thanksgiving this week everyone.  I'm so grateful for such great friends and family.
We found out today who will be changing tomorrow. Elder Pinchi (zone leader) is the only change in our area. I guess Elder Galbraith is changing but he's coming here to Santa Cruz del Quiché to be one of the new zone leaders. Two zone leaders will be coming to take the place of Elder Pinchi and Elder Jerez. Elder Jerez finishes his mission the 16th of December so he and the two new missionaries will be a trio until he leaves. Another 6 weeks together with Elder Golledge!
These was a great week! We found a new investigator by knocking doors. His name is Marco-Antonio. He is about 55 years old, works at the terminal, lives alone and has a strong Christian background. He's always excited when we come over. The first time we knocked his door we were headed to another appointment so we just set up a time we could come back. When we showed up he was waiting. Elder Golledge and I walked into the one room house and were shocked to see some pretty graphic pictures on all walls. But we sat down and kept focused on Marco-Antonio's face. It didn't smell too good either with beer cans all over the place but his willingness to listen to our message made the smell go away. I'm excited to help him.
Elder Golledge, Jesus-Antonio and I stopped by Odelia's house and gave her a short lesson. We came to find out very quickly that her niece, whose parents have been less-actives for 4 years, had the desire to be baptized. We talked to her niece about baptism and asked her to be baptized. She said she would and so we made a goal for her to be baptized the 20th of December. All we need is permission from her parents. It was a miracle. 
To finish the week, Walter and Santiaga were baptized! One of the zone leaders investigators, Oscar, also was to be baptized on the same day so we did all three at the same time. 

To set up for the baptismal service, Elder Golledge and I, as well as the other elders, got to the chapel early. We cleaned then decorated with the snowflakes, balloons and other Christmas supplies mom sent me. THANK YOU mom! 

Elder Jerez, a really good cook, baked and frosted more than 80 cupcakes for after the service. They were so good! We had made invitations to invite the ward members and investigators to the baptismal service.  We were happy to see a lot show up when the actual service came around. 

Walter, Santiaga and Oscar got there early then changed into their white clothes. I had the privilege to bapitze Santiaga and Walter. An hermano in the ward who had worked really close with Oscar baptized him. 

As part of the program, the elders and I performed a short musical number, "When I am Baptized". The Spirit was very strong. After, we performed the actual baptism ordinance. Before the service, Santiaga had told me she was a little nervous about the water. I tried my best to comfort her and to make her feel calm. She went first to be baptized. She was shaking but I could feel she wanted to be baptized. I had to baptize her twice cuz the first time I said her name wrong. I felt bad cuz I knew how scared she had been about the water. I was comforted afterwards when she was laughing and smiling and told me she loved it. Same with Walter, her son. I'm so happy for their decisions to be baptized. This is their first big step on their path to following our Heavenly Father.
Thanks for all the support. A few other random happenings of the week: we celebrated Dulce's birthday with chocolate frosted muffins, we ran out of saldo (minutes) so we've been walking A LOT lately cuz that's all we can do, found a family of the parents and their 3 kids who are interested in the gospel. 
I've loved hearing all the personal stories of those with whom your sharing the gospel and how it's blessing their lives. Never give up! Keep pushing forward. Adios!
Elder Hicken

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