Monday, December 8, 2014

Nath' "brings light" to someone's life

Hola amigos!
We have been working with Silvia and Lisbeth nearly everyday before their baptismal date. We read the Book of Mormon a lot and testify of the Restoration of the gospel. We are also helping Lisbeth start up her new internet café.
We had a lesson with Lisangela and her family last Friday. We shared the video of ´´El es la Dádiva´´ [He is the Gift] and encouraged her about her baptismal date. We figured out that their bathroom light didn´t work. The next day, Elder Golledge and I stopped by with a screwdriver, lightbulb and some other supplies to fix the light. Thanks dad for teaching me how to do that.  Side note- at one point Elder Golledge got shocked pretty bad. He wasn´t too happy.
Elder Golledge got called as district leader. Because of his new calling, we went to Huehuetenango last week along with half of the other leaders in the mission (the other half went to Xela because there´s so many). Even though I´m not a leader, I got to listen and I learned so much! President Smith talked about working together as one, setting realistic and reachable goals, and how to find new investigators. The Assistants chose volunteers to role play certain situations to share the gospel- Passing in the street, on the bus, knocking a door, etc. It was great!
Sorry lots to do today!  Thanks for all you do! I have a testimony that this is the Lord´s work. Hasta la otra semana [until next week] !
Elder Hicken

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