Thursday, December 25, 2014

Talking to Nathan on Christmas Day

We had a fabulous conversation with Nathan around noon-definitely the highlight of the day! It was sooo… good to Skype with Elder Nathan, something we’ve anticipated for a long time. He sounded awesome, and looked great! He is just really HAPPY—he loves what he is doing! His Spanish is amazing. We all chuckled that he couldn’t remember the English word for “parents,” or “basketball court.” ha ha J Sounded like there are quite a lot of Christmas Eve festivities, with the actual Christmas day being low key. He is teaching the Mayan people. Up North there is another group of Guatemalan people but that is out of his mission. He will always teach the Mayan people. He talked about the new change of teaching Lesson 5 in Preach My Gospel BEFORE  a convert is baptized—Laws and Ordinances: Priesthood, Eternal Marriage, Temples & Family history, etc. Great idea! What blessings the Lord continues to give to Nathan 

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