Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Hola hermanos!
This week I'd had the feeling to talk to Estefanie, the daughter of Jesus and Santiaga. . The week before she had gone to the baptismal service of her mom and brother. Every time we went over she was always working. We decided to go to her work. We stopped by and just talked for a little. A few days later, we passed by the house and got another chance to talk to her. We asked her how she liked the baptismal service and asked if she'd thought about being baptized. She said she had and that she had the desire to be baptized. We planned to stop by later that day to talk with her. When we arrived later that day she told us she wants to read to know for herself if the Book of Mormon is true. It was a miracle.
Lizangela is ten years old and wants to be baptized! Her family hasn't been active in the church for 4 years. After many visits and support from their other active family members, they came to church! Roxana was able to interview with Presidente Wilder and received a lot of help. Also, Lizangela's brother, Biron, really liked the service and wants to receive the priesthood. I'm so grateful for Lizangela's desire to follow what she knows to be right. Her example has helped her whole family to come back to church.
1) Celebrated Thanksgiving with a bonfire and some smores. The other elders and us invited our investigators and shared what we were thankful for. 

2) Hno. Emilio and Hna. Luz Adriana were married and sealed in the temple this past Saturday. They invited us to the reception. My first Guatemalan wedding! It was really fun. We took along Jesus, Santiaga and Walter. They loved it as well. We had a good time playing tic-tac-toe and other games. They told us about all their best fishing stories. 

3) Went to a volleyball game to support some of our investigators. I was lost the whole time. I guess I don't know how volleyball is scored. It was still fun to watch. Two gringos at a volleyball game! At times it seemed like people were more watching us than the game.
4) Mercedies asked us to plan an activity with all her family, so we did. We shared a short spiritual message then played a game. Everyone ties a balloon around their ankle, then when the game starts, tries to stomp on the other persons balloons. Last one standing wins. The husband of Mercedies was laughing so hard! It was fun.
5) Had a family history activity at the church with Jesus, Abraham and Walter. We set up an account for them on Couldn't do much after that though. None of them could remember the date of births of their parents or grandparents. They couldn't even remember the birthday of Santiaga! That's just how it is down here.
And then elder Galbraith and Elder Espina (from the capital same as Elder Jerez) came to join us in Quiché. They're awesome! Already they've had great success and are helping us a lot. Elder Hohman's new companion is pilas as well. He is from Panama and can speak English. He's really enthusiastic about the work and has a strong testimony.
Check out this website:
Èl es la Dádiva [He is the Gift]

Elder Hicken

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