Monday, November 17, 2014

Hola A Todo!

Mucho gusto saludarles. Otra vez era una semana maravillosa. [Gladly I greet you.  Again, it's been another marvelous week].
Walter and Santi are getting baptized this Saturday, the 22nd of November at 4 PM! You're all invited of course. Their attitudes have been one of "Why wait? I'm ready." We are meeting with them everyday this week to prepare them for their baptismal interviews on Thursday. Jesus and Abraham have been amazing as well. They've answered all the questions from Santi and Walter. Sometimes I'm a little sad cuz we get to an appointment expecting them to have questions and Jesus and Abraham have already answered them all! haha -- but seriously I'm very grateful for them and their help.
Jesus-Antonio has such a strong desire to serve a mission. He came teaching with us everyday this week. He studies his scriptures and Preach My Gospel. He has come to love our investigators and is always asking for us to visit various families. One woman whom Jesus-Antonio came to visit with us was Mercedes. She lives with her husband and her 5 kids. She has been having a lot of financial problems as well as problems within her family. We have visited her for a while and have really built a strong relationship with her and her family. She hasn't gone to church in many years. This last Saturday, I was able to call Mercedes and ask her to come to church. She said she had the desire to come and when she came even brought along her grand-son. His name is Wili. He is 7 years old but turns 8 in April. When I showed him the baptismal font on Sunday, he said he wanted to be baptized. I'm so grateful for Jesus-Antonio and for his help. He interviewed with President Wilder and has to finish institute as well as half of the Book of Mormon before he can go. He was so excited! 
Also, as Elder Golledge and I were heading to visit a less active member, Jesus-Antonio, as well as another member, Hermano Fermin, tagged along to help. As we were walking, Hermano Fermin told me his amazing conversion story. Before he was baptized, he drank, smoked and lived in a cardboard shack. He provided little to nothing for his family. One day, a dramatic experience occurred where he cut 2 of his fingers hospitalizing himself. While in the hospital, he had time to think about his life. Eventually he got released and started working in a tienda [store]. That's when the missionaries came along. They started teaching Hermano Fermin about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Poco a poco [little by little], Hermano Fermin began to change. Using the cleansing power of the Atonement he quit drinking, smoking and got baptized. He started going back to school. Next year he will attend a university in the capital to become a lawyer. His story, as well as the change I have seen in Jeus-Antonio and Jesus & Abraham have strengthened my testimony bastantemente [significantly]. The changing power through the infinite sacrifice of Jesus Christ is real. He lives. I know that we can change from whatever has happened in our past through his grace and mercy. Use the Atonement in your lives.
We had a great lesson of the Plan of Salvation with Silvia and Lisbeth. They came to a baptism this last Saturday. This is the second baptism they have come to. They continue to read the Book of Mormon and ask God if they should be baptized. I have come to love them so much.
Anyways, that's it for this week. Quick happenings of the week: Elder Gollege is directing and I'm playing piano to help the kids for the primary program in 2 weeks. Last Saturday, it seemed like the entire city congregated at la Parque Central for the lighting of the Christmas tree. It was amazing! They had fireworks, a concert and lots and lots of food. 

We celebrated Jesus-Antonio's birthday with a frosted muffin and sang to him. I guess that's all! Gracias! Trust in the Lord!
 Just a picture

 After a baptism (not theirs)

 Hermana Eva and Me

 The boys after soccer
Elder Hicken

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