Monday, April 20, 2015

Hungry Dog

Hola amigos y familiares!

Sounds like there was a lot going on this week at home. Cheri had her baby! Woot, woot another cousin! Uncle David came for a visit. Nick Hostetter had his mission Farewell, and Jonathan had a piano recital. Keep practicing the piano Jonathan. It helps a lot on the mission. Thanks for all the pictures. Glad Joseph is coming home for a few days this week. Say “hi” for me. That’s great that Jonathan is taking tennis lessons from Alex. And yes, we got the packages. Thanks mom!  More on that later. 

So excited! Sophia will be baptized this week!  She wasn’t able to on Friday or Saturday so we´re holding the baptismal service this Thursday. We made little invitations and are passing them out to all the members and investigators. It’s so great when members support baptisms.

My comp and I are helping a sister in the ward with her two nieces. What a tough situation. Apparently the dad and mom of the nieces got divorced a little over a year ago. The dad went crazy, and ended up beating their mom and them. So sad. For that reason the mom is working all the time so her kids spend most of their time at their aunt´s house. We started teaching them and they are awesome. They´ve had no religion or God in their lives until now. Hard to imagine what that’s like. They came to church this Sunday and my comp. and I are excited to keep helping them. It´s great to see how happy they are because of the góspel.

We´re really trying to contact at least 10 people in the street everyday. It has brought great blessings in finding new families and new people to teach. I’m also realizing that it is strengthening my own testimony that God really has people prepared. We  just need to find them. I know the best reference is the Holy Ghost!

Weird experience. So our neighbor, who lives on the second level with us, took his turn taking care of a member’s dog this week. The balcony outside, that seperates our apartment from his, is where he decided to leave the dog. We come home one day and this dog wouldn’t stop whining. We thought the dog must be really, really hungry. So the package mom sent had beef jerky in it right? We ended up feeding the dog beef jerky for about 3 days. She loved it. Hope that’s ok mom.

Love you all. Thanks for your support. Have a great week!

Love, Elder Hicken

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