Monday, April 27, 2015


Hola amigos y familiares!

So awesome to hear about all the fun times with Joseph home. Glad he got to spend a few days in MN. I was happy to hear about your visit to the Moores, the Cambodian dinner, Cambodian missionary work, fun times with basketball, juggling, games. Thanks for all the pictures!  I love our family too.

Guess what? Sophie got baptized this week! What a miracle. We were a little nervous cuz she showed up 30 mins. late with her family but in the end it all turned out super well. There were a lot of people so we ended up moving everyone into the chapel.

About 2 weeks ago, a friend of a return missionary named Andres came to church. Being testimony meeting a lot of the members stepped forward to bear their testimonies. It was amazing to see Andres, a non-member, get up and say what he knew to be true. I loved his enthusiasm to be at church. He stayed for all the meetings and we set up an appointment for later that week. He´s been through a lot. Drugs, Alcohol. But he sincerely wants to make a change in his life. We came out of a teaching appointment one night and immediately thought of Andres. He happened to live close by. When we knocked his family opened the door and let us in. Andres told us that he had been praying to God right before we came. Another miracle. In the end, we invited him to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know that it was true. The next day we stopped by. We invited him to be baptized and he accepted. It will be for the 23 of May. He has a lot of things going on right now but with his efforts and more miracles from God, I know he will be ready.

 Me and Andres

Another night, my companion and I were out contacting. We ended up talking to this teenager. He was interested so we taught him about the Restoration. We invited him to church and he accepted. When we passed by Sunday to pick him up for church he, his brother, and his cousin were all waiting! It was awesome. More miracles. They all came to church and stayed the whole time. Afterwards they said they really liked it. There will be a baptism this week for the sister missionaries in our area so we invited them to that. They said they would come. Exciting to see the work moving forward.

Little side note. Today we played basketball for the 2nd time in the mission. I was so happy. A lot of people showed up so we had a good game.

Me and Jimena

Grateful for all the miracles this week. The Lord has truly blessed us. Have a great week!

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