Monday, May 4, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Hola familiares y amigos!

Great to see all the pictures. So, Joseph got to spend a few days in MN, and then mom got to be in Utah. Cool.   
Quick update! I finished “Jesus the Christ” on disc and now starting to read it. It was amazing! Definitely strengthened my testimony of Jesus as the Christ. A lot of things I had never known, and never thought about. And that´s an awesome story about Janthon and the importance of keeping the Sabbath day Holy.

Kind of rushed today! It´s rained nearly every day since the start of the week. It is really good for all the farmers here and it’s a joy for missionary work haha. Started carrying around my umbrella everywhere I go. Even though this is the city, there are still a lot of dirt roads, which means mud. It was actually kinda fun walking on this one dirt path. It turned into a small river and it was like walking upstream.

Apparently there is such a thing as labor day here. Andres, who we´ve been working with a lot this month, went out of town for the holiday, as did many other of our investigators. However, we weren´t discouraged. We did a lot of contacting and found some other positive investigators. The Lord is preparing people!

Interviews with President Smith were this week as well. My comp. and I were first up. It was a very powerful spiritual experience. It strengthened my testimony in following the brethren, those the Lord calls and appoints in various positions in the church.

HAPPY MOTHER´S DAY! Shout out to all those wonderful moms out there, and one in particular. Love you mom!  Can’t wait to talk to you on Sunday.

All the best! Have a great week! 

Love, Elder Hicken

P.S.  Pictures--cleaning a member´s ¨pila¨. He eats the fish.

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