Monday, May 25, 2015

Rain, rain,rain

Hola amigos y familiares!

Glad to hear grandma Midgley has a treatment plan. And wow, great to see all those awesome photos. So fun that the fam. got to spend the weekend together with the Moores, and grandma and grandpa Hicken. The fact that aunt Cheri had the blessing dress made for Alena months ago blew me away, but of course she did. That’s aunt Cheri. I love my family!

It rains every day! It´s kind of expected. Made the mistake to not take my umbrella or rain jacket with me one day. Got back to the house pretty soaked. My backpack too but luckily nothing got wet. My comp. doesn´t have an umbrella and there’s no way to get one until we go to Walmart next week. We´ve been sharing mine haha but it works out!

Some new updates as far as my companion goes. He is more specifically from Juayua, El Salvador. He gets along with people really well. He loves pupusas! It´s a special dish where he´s from. Consists of maza and cheese and beans and sausage or whatever else you want to throw in. He keeps saying that the ones made here in Guatemala don´t even compare to real thing.

We´ve been teaching a mom and her son but haven´t had the opportunity to talk to the husband yet. He works a lot but the wife and son are pretty easy to find. This past week we finally got to see the husband and he seems pretty excited about everything. We´re going to go do a tour of the temple next week with the whole family! We’re excited.

The members here are super supportive. I think we´ve gotten more rides this past week from the members than I have my whole mission! It makes such a difference to have supportive members. My comp. and I are super pumped to start the new week. Always trying to improve, always trying to be better, always trying to be more productive.

Just a quick thought-This week I came across a great quote from Elder M. Russell Ballard
¨We can become the masters of our own destinies by practicing self-discipline and by setting worthy goals that will lead to higher ground so that we can become what our heavenly father wants us to become.¨ 

Goal setting gives one a clear direction and something to work for. The Lord offers great promises to those who set worthy goals and do all they can to accomplish them. I’m excited to set more goals. 

All the best! Have a great week! I know this gospel is true.

Elder Hicken

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