Monday, May 18, 2015

Family Week Celebration

Hola familiares y amigos!

Thanks for sending pictures mom. Awesome that Mark and his dad were able to stop by. And that fence...looks amazing. Hope it keeps the deer out for good.

So, my new companion is Elder Salazar. He is from El Salvador. He has 3 months in the mission, just finishing his training. He is really positive which is good. He is one of 7 brothers and sisters. He plays basketball, or at least he’s willing to play. He loves to eat, as do I. Somehow we both got sick last Saturday but we’re fine now. We are working hard trying to find those people who are prepared to hear us. I know they are out there. Elder Salazar has adjusted to the ├írea really well. He says it´s a lot different from his other area. He was in an Aldea (really small town).
Elder Salazar and me

So about our investigator Andres, to be honest, he has disappeared on us. He left to the capital and hasn´t been heard of since. Not even his family knows where he is.

That’s o.k.  We were able to find 4 other really positive investigators. Two are sisters (Shanon and Jennifer) going to college here in Xela. And the other two are a mom (Gabriela) who has 3 children, and Juan, one of her children who is eligible for baptism. It´s great to see their progression! They teach me.

We’ve been taking this teenager to church for the past 3 weeks. On Sunday he said he wants to be baptized, and he wants to be baptized this Thursday. What was a miracle! I love miracles. We´ll do all we can to make that happen.

This week was a special church celebration called “Family Week.” Cool, huh. Every night there was an activity in the church. For example, Tuesday was a role play family home evening as well as cooking. Thursday was game night. Everyone formed a group with their family and went around to the various stations, collecting large pieces of paper forming a puzzle. At the end they all put it together and it wrote title of liberty. SUPER fun. Saturday finished with a cultural night. Both the Americas and Garibaldi wards did some skits, singing and dancing. As missionaries we got to do a skit as well. It was great. Any way to strengthen families is good. I know strong families are important.
 Elder Caseres and me

 Family Week Skit

Quetzaltenango Guatemala Temple

 Preaching the gospel to every creature

I love this work. The gospel is true.
All the best! Have a great week

Elder Hicken

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