Monday, April 6, 2015

General Conference and my area

Hola amigos y familiares!

Happy Easter. General Conference was great! It brought to mind the importance of the family, and the true and everlasting happiness that comes from rearing a family in righteousness. It’s sad how many people here do not get married. I know marriage brings happiness. Another topic I thought was emphasized in Conference was Christ´s Atonement. This Easter season, Christ´s sacrifice has become something very real and applicable to me in my own life. I can´t begin to express my gratitude to know that I have a Savior who loves me and can cleanse me from sin. He is a man of sorrows acquainted with grief, my grief. Do I look but not see? Do I hear but not listen? Listening to the music of the gospel will bring us blessings as we follow the Spirit. Hey, if we start now to read a conference talk per week, we will have read every talk before the next conference. What do you think? Anyone want to do that?  It was cool that I was able to watch the Saturday sessions in Spanish and the Sunday sessions in English.

So I made it to my new area! It’s called Las Américas, and the zone is Xela Oueste. It´s REALLY different from Quiché because it’s in the big city. The temple is here though! Super excited about that!  A part of me feels like I´m starting the mission again. There are 20 missionaries in the zone and it´s divided into 2 districts. My companions name is Elder Caseres. He is from Honduras and knows very little English. All the better so I can practice my Spanish and he can practice his English. He has about 6 months in the misison and loves to work hard. He´s super funny too!

This week was a little different because of la Semana Santa. Almost everyone was out of town. It´s kind of like Spring Break here. There was literally no one in the streets Friday, except the missionaries and the dogs. We tried visiting a lot of people but they just weren´t home. Although frustrating at times, it was a good week and allowed me the chance to get to know the area and missionaries better. Super excited to work hard and rely on the Lord with me new comp.!

Have a great week! All the best!

Love, Elder Hicken

p.s. I´ll send pictures next week. Great to see the pictures you sent from Chicago, Alabama, and Tennessee. Ouch, looks like Jonathan took quite a fall. But I´m glad he´s ok.  

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