Monday, March 28, 2016

Holy Week

Hello family! Knowing everyone is currently out of town, im sure things are going well. You`ll have to tell me how it goes in Colorado and Utah. Btw everyone thinks im from Utah down here. Its like, ¨Where you from? Utah?¨

Anyways, this week was Holy Week. That means there was lots of traditional Holy Week food and decorations. The typical drink is a type of squash called chile cayote liquified. Its not too bad but one must be careful about drinking too much or else its stomach aches for a week.  The typical food is fish and a special kind of bread. All of the Catholics put up purple banners. However, nobody seems to know the meaning or purpose behind putting up the banners jaja,  at least nobody we asked. Starting this week, we saw people dressed up reenacting the last week of Jesus life. We've actually been teaching a guy named Jesus, and his wife for a few weeks. Anyway, when Friday came around, there was a huge procession. We didn't actually see it. But we did see the beautiful ¨carpets¨ they create to pave the path for the procession. They use chalk and dyed sawdust to make the ¨carpets¨. I'll attach a few pictures. It's amazing!

A lot of investigators that we have went out of town for the holidays.
We continue working with the ones that are in town and we were able to find a few others. One in particular is named Leslie Morales. She is the cousin of a member. She has one little girl and is interested to learn more about the church. The first time we visited her, we showed her the Hallelujah video. She really liked it and accepted an invitation to go to church this Sunday.

I went in for another check up about my head injury. After taking another look, the doctor said that everything was fine. I'm fine mom. I'm gonna live!

Like I said last week, Im excited to hear from the general authorities of the church. I would encourage everyone to look for someone, perhaps less active or non member, to go to at least one of the general conference sessions this Saturday or Sunday. Their and your faith will grow in our Saviour Jesus Christ and in the truthfulness of the Restoration of the gospel.

Hope everyone has a great week!


Elder Hicken

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