Monday, April 11, 2016

The Book of Mormon is True...READ IT!

Sounds like Jonathans is basically a pro! So awesome he's playin on this new team. Go get em buddy!  And that's great that Joe Klenotich is home from his mission!  Love that kid! That's so funny that he didn't recognize Jonathan! I guess Jonathan has changed a lot. I hope I don't make the same mistake jaja

So, this week was sure a crazy one. My comps been goin through a hard time with some stuff in his life. We've been goin back and forth from Huehue to Xela to talk to President. My comp is so awesome though! We keep workin hard.

We saw a lot of miracles this week. We went on divisions twice with both disctrict leaders. I definitely learned a lot. Mackbryan is getting baptized this weekend! So excited. The Book of Mormon is true. Every time I read it I feel the Spirit and some sweet impressions come to my heart and mind. READ IT!

I'm really trying to push myself these last few months of the mish.  I love insights about gospel topics, scriptures, and/or general conference talks.

Hope all have a good week! Adios

Love you so much!
Elder Hicken

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