Monday, March 7, 2016


Wisconsin Dells looks so fun!  And I printed off the talk by Elder Callister that you mentioned in the weekly letter mom. Thanks.

This week has been great! We`ve continued to work with José and Joonathan.  We`re hoping they both can go to the temple soon.  Quick side note. We called Joonathan on Sunday to invite him to a special priesthood meeting but he said he was in an interview. Later he called us back to tell us that he`d been called to work in the stake young men`s presidency. awesome! He's so excited.  

Anyways, changes are tomorrow but I'm sticking with Elder Rojas. We`re excited! The assistants remade the districts so that everything's a lot closer. Both district leaders have changes as well so it'll be interesting to start working with two new district leaders.

Hooray! We have a stove that works! We`re sure taking advantage of it. Our stove hadn't been working for about 3 weeks so we took it to Xela to switch it out with one that worked. Turns out we ended up taking one that was worse off. Anyway we have a new stove now. Elder Rojas made some great spaghetti the other day since we didn`t have a lunch appointment with the members. Yum! It was so good.

Last week, a member family took a friend to church. His name is McBryan.  He really liked it. It's so great when members invite their friends to church. We visited McBryan later in the week, ended up meeting his mom and 3 brothers. They`re a great family and they are really open to listening to our message. We have a family home evening with them tonight. We're excited. Love teaching families!

Hope y`all have a great week!

Elder Hicken

P.S.  Fotitos--everyone who's been Rojas`s companion, I was with Hohman,  
 Hohman with Rojas and now Rojas with me

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