Monday, February 29, 2016


Happy leap year! Someone in the ward was actually born on leap year.  We´ll be stopping by later to wish him a happy birthday. 

Congrats on the basketball success buddy. Keep up the good work! The temple really is a special place.

Jose Folgar continues to be strong in the church. We saw him Sunday morning riding on his mo-ped going to pick up his girlfriend. He stopped and told us he had invited his brother to go to church!  Cool. but that his brother didn´t want to come cuz he's Catholic. The important thing is that he tried and will keep on trying. Jose is awesome! Sharing the gospel with everybody.  He and his girlfriend are planning on getting married in March!

Joonathan Rodas got baptized! I know I know...Jose? Jonathan? Its like I were baptizing my family! I'm looking for Shauns and Susans now just that those names aren't too common down here. Jonathan wasn´t nervous, but rather calm and at peace. Last week he had gone to Xela to spend time with his family for his birthday. When he got there, his family and other church leaders were waiting for him. They asked him why he hadn't gone to the evangelical church. Then they began to grill him about his decision to be baptized. Joonathan told us later that he stood his ground, bore testimony of the gospel and things calmed down. On his birthday, he came back to Huehue and we wished him a happy birthday.

 He was ready Saturday for the baptism. His girlfriend's brother was going to baptize him but then didn't because he wasn't sure he would have been able to support him. Anyway, during the program, I was able to play How Great Thou Art on the violin. Crazy, huh? After the actual ordinance Joonathan told me that the song played was his dads favorite, and that it had brought peace to his mind listening to it. Tender mercy.  Joonathan is honestly one of the most prepared people I've ever met. He has plans to get married and be sealed as soon as possible. That's awesome. Everybody's getting married! I know he´ll be a great leader and blessing to those he serves.

Have a great week!

Peace and love

Elder Hicken

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