Monday, March 16, 2015

Lisangela's Baptism

Hola familiares y amigos!

Glad to hear the Journey with Joseph performances turned out so well. Sorry you were sick mom but it sounds like dad’s blessing really helped. Hope someone videoed it?! Super cool.

Elder Hicken and Lisangela
Lisangela got baptized! Her whole family showed up! Lisangela bore her testimony and the Spirit was really strong. Then her grandma gave her testimony as well. I´m so glad I had the opportunity to be part of this special moment in Lisangela´s life and in the lives her family. Earlier that day, Elder Andy and I had bought cake as a surprise for after the baptism. Turns out they had the same idea haha so we had 2 cakes. Yumm!
The Family Crew

Unfortunately, we found out this week that Feliciano was married before, more than 8 years ago. His wife had left him and had taken their 2 children. Being really weighed down for a couple years, he found Cristina and they hit it off. They have one child together, Carlitos, but they can´t get married right now until Feliciano gets a divorce. Yeah, kind of a long process. But we´re trying to help them in whatever way we can. We have a lawyer in our branch who is super cool. He´s helping us as well. It depends if the first wife of Feliciano is in favor of a divoce. If so, the process goes super fast. If not, it will take a lot longer. We´ll see how that all turns out.

This past Thursday, our zone went to the temple. It was great! We left early Thursday morning and got a private bus to head down to Xela. I had seen pictures but I couldn´t believe how beautiful it was in person. I know it´s the house of the Lord. Every time I go, I can feel His prescence there. And each time I go, I take away something new. I love learning in the temple. I´m so grateful for temples on the earth today.

Changes are coming up in 2 weeks. Later this week there is a multi-zone conference. Can´t wait! Y´all have a great week!

Love, Elder Hicken
 Una fiesta Guatemalteca
A Party - Guatemala Style

Sister Baby

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