Monday, March 9, 2015

Pineapples here are amazing

Hola familiares y amigos!

Qué tal? That´s awesome you guys got to do family history and then go directly to the temple the next day. So cool! Saw the pics of the Journey with Joseph rehearsal. Jonathan, you’re looking good buddy in your suspenders.

So towards the beginning of the week, we met with hermana Cristina, who was very sick, and we gave her a blessing. After the blessing, she gave us a reference of a family who was passing through a rough time. The son of the mom had passed away just 2 months earlier. We went the next day and found this family. The mom´s name is Katarina and she has 3 children still living, Teresa, Ana, and Gabriel. We shared a message of hope that one day they would see their son and brother again because of Jesus Christ. They loved it. They said that although they felt sad, they felt a lot happier at the end of our visit. We passed by numerous times this week. We invited them to the activities and they came. We invited them to church and they came. We invited them to be baptized and they accepted! Their baptism will be the 28th of March. It’s a miracle! The Lord has blessed us a lot.

Lisangela´s mom was out of town this week but we were still able to meet with Lisangela and her grandma, Hermana Odelia. She is ready. She will be baptized this Saturday!  And her whole family is planning on attending, a lot of whom aren´t members. We’re excited!

We´ve been working a lot with a new family in the ward that recently moved to Quiché. They were inactive for a while but decided to come back to church after a visit from the brothers in the branch. What a difference a visit can make. Now they have come to nearly every activity. And the daughter, Marelyn, who is 19 years old, brought a friend to 2 of the activities and the friend really liked it. We hope to work with her friend starting this week.

Ok I just gotta say the pineapples here are AMAZING! Ok I´m done.

The Branch President gave my comp and I the oportunity to speak in church. My comp. talked about miracles and I talked about revelation. When I was little, I always thought 15 mins. was a long time to fill. Now it´s not enough.

I´m in 3 Nephi chapter 11, of the Book of Mormon.  I’m starting the Savior´s ministry in the Americas. I love the Book of Mormon.

Have a great week!

Elder Hicken

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