Monday, August 10, 2015


Can’t believe the foggster is home.  It`ll be fun to chat it up with him when I get home. Looks like you had a lot of fun with Foggs and Joseph.

It`s been a crazy week! First of all, changes were last week. My comp, Elder Doty, ended up staying in Xela close by. Elder Rivera, however, went close to the border of his home country, Mexico. Both are doing well and are excited to keep working hard. Rivera`s happy to have found lots of food and candy from Mexico. His mom was able to send some when he was here in Garibaldi. At first I didn`t really like it. All the candy comes with picante (means it`s spicy)! But I came around. My new comp. is Elder Flores. He`s also from Mexico. He has a brother who recently got back from serving a mish, and a little sister. I’m glad that he is super excited to echar some fuego here and work really hard.

Nearly all the companionships changed. I was able to meet a lot of new faces at changes. Interesting fact...only 5 of the 30 missionaries in our zone have more than a year in the mission. the leaders meeting is again tomorrow. Can`t wait to hear what President has to say! I know he`s been called of God to lead this mission. I`m beginning to realize how President feels when missionaries don`t do what he asks. I can only imagine how Heavenly Father feels after giving us commandments that will bring us happiness and then we don`t fulfill them. I know the key to success and happiness is obedience to God and the servants he has called.

Elder Flores and I have worked hard with the Monteroso family this past week. The parents aren`t married yet but have strong desires to be baptized. They have felt the spirit and know that our message is true. It has been incredible to see the change that the gospel of Jesus Christ has brought in them and their family. This month they have now made plans to be married and baptized. So exciting! We are proud of them for taking these steps in their lives because we know then they can be sealed in the temple and become an eternal family.

The mission is so great! I love it! I learn something new every day and am feeling more and more the spirit working through me. One of the things I liked from my personal study was in chapter 6 of Preach my Gospel, the attribute of virtue. It all begins with our thoughts and desires. We should always strive to have clean thoughts and keep our hearts pure. If something bad comes in, we should kick it out with a hymn or favorite scripture. May we all keep our thoughts and desires clean and focused on what is most important, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

All the best! Paz y amor...

Elder Hicken

Some random questions from my mom:

1.     We sent a package your way a few weeks ago, for you and your companion.  By chance has it arrived?
YES!!! Thank you SO much. you’re the best!

2.    Wondering if you are playing the piano at all these days. I play maybe once a month.

3.    Curious what you eat-are you cooking for yourself?  Could you use recipes at all?  If so, what do you have to cook with? Oven? Stove? Microwave??  And what ingredients do you/can you mostly buy?  Recently my comp. and I have been trying out this product called Herbalife. It`s a healthy shake his mom likes. More than that we`re trying to eat yogurt, granola and lots of fruits. HEALTHY! Not cooking too much food these days. Maybe you could send some recipes for easy, healthy to make stuff?

4.    Do you take HOT showers?  Or mostly cold? mostly hot. Only the days when we don`t have electricity, it`s freezing!

5.    How are your socks holding up?  Do you like the thicker, wool, Gander Mountain ones, or just regular cotton ones? Almost all have holes. I like the regular cotton kind

6.    Any change in your P-day?  Elder Joe Klenotich mentioned that his mission president called them all together and changed their P-day to Wednesday so that 3 times a year they can go to the temple… interesting   Nope glorious p-day is still the same

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