Monday, August 17, 2015


Elder Flores and I, and the assistants, Elder Bryan and Elder Pérez.
Seems like so much is going on at home. Congratulations to Talon and Maddy. Weird to think summer's coming to an end and school´s starting up again. I remember those Get Connected Days at Valley View. A member here let me play her violin. Made me think of the ward symphony you started up, mom. Super cool. 

I'm really thankful for member families who help out in missionary work. It's been incredible to see the effort the members have put in to share the gospel and bear their testimonies to friends and neighbors. It's amazing to see the people they know accept the invitations to read the Book of Mormon, to pray, or to go to church. I know that as the missionaries and members kneel together in prayer and ask to have missionary opportunities, miracles happen. They will receive revelation and opportunities will come.

One such experience happened this past week. Elder Flores and I made a missionary plan with the family Visoni. After we prayed, the family Visoni thought of their neighbors. They commited to invite the family down the street to have a family home evening in their home. The family Visioni hadn't ever had this family over but had only seen them at work. As the day approached, we were excited to be able to meet this new family. In the end, this family of 8 was positive and receptive to the message we shared. They accepted a Book Of Mormon and committed to read and pray about it! I know there are families prepared to hear the gospel. It's powerful when the missionaries and members work together. I would encourage anyone who knows the missionaries to help them out, be valiant and courageous. Have one of your family or friends meet with the missionaries and share the gospel with them. Now is the time!

My comp. and I keep workin´ hard. It´s been amazing to see that as we do our part, give our all, and rely on God to do the rest, miracles happen. I know that God loves us, that Jesus is my Saviour and that He leads His true church today by a living day prophet.

Have a great week!

Elder Hicken

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