Monday, August 31, 2015

Eternal Marriage = Eternal Principle

Hi Everyone,

We finally have a ward mission leader again! About 3 weeks ago, our ward mission leader was called to be the Elders Quorum president, which left us missionaries hangin`. But as of yesterday we now have our new leader. What a difference it makes. We`ve already had our correlation meeting and our new leader is awesome. He is so willing to come teaching with us and if he can`t come he makes sure we have someone planned to accompany us. It’s great to have members come with us! Joint teach with the missionaries if you can. He told us that since he got back from the mission he`s always wanted to be the ward mission leader.
We were able to find an awesome family. The dad`s name is René. He has a wife, who is already a member of the church, and a little daughter. The wife was baptized in Quiché (my old area) when she was little but only went to church every once in a while. Elder Flores and I committed the husband to be baptized. He sometimes works on Sundays but we are excited to continue working with them.

This weekend, Isaías and Floridalma are getting married! This is a huge step. They said they need a little more time to be baptized but we are so happy they are getting married. For a long time, the two had said there was no need to have their names written on a piece of paper for them to be happy. However, after teaching them the importance of marriage and eternal families, they are really excited to be married this Saturday. Can`t wait! They are inviting all of their family from San Juan and the missionaries. I`ll make sure to take lots of pictures. I’m so grateful that we have eternal marriage in our church.
Another quick thought about what President Nelson said in his talk to us last week. ¨I know you’re not supposed to think about marriage on the mission...but think about it! Make sure your husband or wife loves the Lord more than you.¨ At first, it seemed kind of like having your wife love the Lord more than you didn´t make sense. But after thinking about it for a while, knowing that your wife or husband loves the Lord more will allow for that love to flourish and increase as the years go by. It makes me question, ¨Do I love the Lord more than anything else?¨ (also thought it was kinda funny that President Nelson told us to think about marriage on the mission)  Anyway, I know the Lord talks through His called prophet and apostles today. I’m already getting excited for General Conference coming up.

Today was a zone activity. Our zone went to the Laguna Chikabal. Basically it`s a lake on top of a volcano. In the morning, our plans fell through and we didn`t have a bus to take all the missionaries. We made just one phone call to this awesome recently reactivated sister in the ward and she hooked us up in less than ten minutes with a bus big enough for the zone! Huge blessing! When we finally got to the bottom of the volcano, an hour away, we still had to take a pick up to the top. That was fun! Then at the top, there was still quite a ways to go, but we got right to it. It was great just to be out of the city and for a moment to be in the mountains of Guatemala. It`s so beautiful! Very lush, very green and not too hot or too cold. Happened to be a lot of fog, so it made it hard to see at times but it was great. In the end we got to the Laguna, took some pictures, walked around and ate lunch. Glad everyone was safe and no one got hurt.

Trying on the new shades! 
In the bus to Laguna 
Zone Pic at Laguna

The gospel is true.  Have a great week! Paz y amor

Elder Hicken

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