Monday, August 3, 2015

To Jonathan

-Must be a busy week...only this quick note to Jonathan this morning-

Hey buddy! Really sorry to hear bout´ the blackout and fall and skull fracture. That’s awful! Pretty cool though that the hospital room was decked out in Pacers stuff. Mom sent some pics in the weekly letter. That was your first blackout right? jaja it´s a weird feeling uhn?

To let u know changes are this week. BOTH my comps are going. Feeling kinda sad to see them go but happy to see what next changes brings. Today we went to a country club. It was awesome! There were tennis courts (but of course it had to rain so I didn´t even play), mini golf, soccer, basketball, gym, pool (couldn´t swim tho), human sized chess (kinda reminded me of Harry Potter), a pool table, foosball.O and one of our investigators works at this club so we saw him there and got to say hi. Hope you’re feeling better. Peace out girl scout!

Love you, 

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